Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year - Let's Tangle!

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Tonight's New Year's Eve and tomorrow is the dawn of 2012. Do you have any Zentangle® resolutions? Maybe create more zentangles? Try creating your own patterns? Maybe getting certified? Keeping a Zentangle Art Journal?

If you are signed up for Cloth Paper Scissors e-mails you get weekly e-books to download for free. This week's free e-book is Art Journaling Ideas: 5 Art Journal Techniques. I was excited to see our very own CZT and super star Sandy Steen Bartholomew listed as Technique #5:

Add Pattern to Journals with Zentangles and Transfers by Sandy Steen Bartholomew
Do you want to learn how to make art journals that are inspired by patterns you see in everyday life? Sandy stumbled upon Zentangles, which is a term coined for drawing repetitive patterns as a way of meditation, a few years ago and it changed her life. Now everywhere she goes she sees patterns in everything. Follow Sandy’s art journaling technique and you will be amazed by all of the patterns you can come up with.

Of course there were four other techniques that look absolutely wonderful as well! I encourage you to sign up for these e-mails (I admit I only signed up for the free e-books). If you decide they are not for you simply remove yourself from their list

And... if you want to make your own Art Journal from scrap envelopes and other papers you will love Cindy Shepards's Stash and Smash. Design Originals offers this book or you can also view it here on YouTube. I think I will be getting myself a belated Christmas present and order this book :)

Happy New Year everyone!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gift Certificates

For those in the CT area that would like a unique gift for that person who has everything Bee Zen is now offering gift certificates.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a Fantabulous New Year.
(I was going to upload a few Zendalas for you to look at for Christmas, but I just realized they are still on my phone camera and not my computer!)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I am so glad the Diva decided to go with Fife as a challenge - I kept forgetting how to create it even though it is so simple. Certainly won't forget now. After drawing the Zentangle I had planned on coloring it and adding shading. I think it would look beautiful with soft blues and purples of varying hues. I will have to hold it aside for another day as the month of December has become extremely busy for my husband and I - too many birthdays, plus the holiday.

In case I don't get to create another post between now and December 25th I wish you all Happy and Safe Holidays. Have you thought about your New Year's Resolutions yet?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Biggefy - Another Diva's Challenge

The Diva certainly came up with another awesome challenge that challenged us in a BIG way (and it was funny that it fit with my post about my class on Monday - do I hear synchronicity). This was a challenge for me to try and produce larger patterns; I also used an 08 Micron pen on some of the tangles as well. Guess I will have to keep pushing myself to do tangles a little larger until I am comfortable with it. Wonder what the symbolic meaning is for prefering to work smaller?

Addendum: In response to the question of what the swirly tangle in the upper left is - it's a variation of cadent, just has more lines added to it. Trying to "Biggify" it was a challenge for me. It's easier when they are smaller :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Class - Learn to Tangle

Last night I held my first class, Learn to Tangle at a friend's house. Six eager students from work (3 DVP workers, 2 clinicians, and a manager) arrived to learn about Zentangle®. None of them had ever heard of "Zentangle" before. I asked what made them want to try this class and learn about this method and the reply was "Relaxation!" I asked if any of them had drawing experience and it was a unanimous "No." I managed to get through the nerves and eventually stopped trembling...

Listening to all of them laugh at what they were producing, and watching some of the facial expressions, made me wonder if I wasn't teaching this very well. We got through the first tile and I had everyone put the tiles on a table and grouped them together. They were amazed to see how each one was different, yet they were all similar. Here are their tiles:
Each one of them did a FANTASTIC job! The one big lesson I learned from teaching them last night (and it was funny that all of them did this) is it will be a good idea to let students know to make the initial grid patterns, etc. a little larger in order to complete the full tangle. I know from my own personal experience if I amworking with a small piece I tend to draw accordingly, which is small as well.

I also got some ideas for games to play at future classes. Example - for two years I have been in the habit of saying "patterns" vs. "tangles".  I told the class last night to correct me whenever I said "patterns". Somebody could have walked away rich last night if we would have been playing for money!!!

All in all, it went well for being a first class, I am very proud of the Zentangles the girls produced, and I have had a few requests today for another class :)

Rick and Maria - Thank you for affording me the opportunity to learn such an amazing method and to be able to teach it to others!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Red Thread Challenge #49

Wow! This challenge at I Am the Diva blog produced so many gorgeous zentangles! Certainly inspiration to make more. Below is my contribution. I have to remember one of the things about Zentangle® is simplicity - I think I crammed too much into this tile.
To read more about the Red Thread Promise please visit and learn how you can contribute to the cause.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I would like to wish everyone a Happy Turkey Day!!! Be sure to give thanks for loved ones, memories given by those who have passed on, and for all the Troops that are serving our country. THANK YOU!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mooka's Paradox over the Crescent Moon

I really had no idea what to name this tile... It evolved while I was looking over my notes from the CZT7 where I had randomly been drawing patterns that Rick and Maria were presenting. Seeing how these two tangles are a bit of a challenge for me I repeated them over and over on a single tile. Looking at my "notes" I noticed these two patterns really complimented each other in a strange way, so why not create a tile using them both? Looking at the tile with only Rick's Paradox and Mooka on it seemed a little bland. What simple tangle could be used as the background that would also lend itself to these to tangles? Crescent moon...

As a little challenge I would love to see what others come up with using these three tangles: Mooka, Rick's Paradox, and Crescent Moon.

P.S. please note that I have been reading the comments and have tried to respond to them, but for some reason my computer tells me I don't have access to comment back! Please know I do appreciate your comments.

Friday, November 18, 2011

I am the Diva Challenge #48

I am excited to say I finally have had time to sit and do the I am the Diva Challenge! Her blog is amazing and the Diva gives great challenges weekly to keep the Zentangle® method on it's toes. You can find a linkk over to the right hand side of this blog.

This week the challenge was to create a string using a Triangle, Circle and a Square. For my first tile I used various patterns that I have never used or have rarely used and I was pretty happy with the result:

I decided to try my hand at a second tile and after finishing it wish I had stopped at the first. At the same time it reflects what I was going through at the time I created it (wasn't feeling well):

Looking forward to next week's Diva Challenge!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Morning Tangle

This has been a week of ups and downs. First I was told I could use a room for a Zentangle® Class; then I was told "No, because it's a conflict of interest" (bummer). I have 7 people wanting to take the "Learn to Tangle" class (yeah!). I do tend to take things personally (bummer), and I am doing my best to not take this personally and it is what it is (yeah - doing good with this so far). While trying to figure out what to do about a room  I came up with a workshop - "Tangle-Gate" (Tailgating and Tangling). People have liked this idea and I am now working on creating themed home parties (another yeah!). My BFF has graciously offered her house to do my scheduled class (bonus yeah!)

With the Thankful Feast coming upon us soon I have certainly been counting my blessings this week and cannot THANK the people enough who are helping me through this "rent-a-room stumble" and all of their wonderful ideas. This morning I chose a tile to tangle while thinking of them and all their graciousness. To them I dedicate "Happy Turkey Day!" (p.s. - can you find the signature bumble bee?)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Freak October Storm (& a challenge)

Anyone who lives in the Northeast United States knows about the freak October Nor'easter we got hit with. Many lost power and many are still without power. Thankfully, my husband and I only went five days before we got it back, and yes, we toughed it out at home.

It was really nice to be in the "Zen" of Fall/Winter: listening to the crackling of the fire in the woodstove, choosing the next perfect log to toss in; feeling the warmth of the fire hit your skin; listening to the wind blow; listening to the 300+ Canadian Geese fly over your house every morning and again at 6:00 pm; and best of all creating zentangles!

Out of all the tangles I have seen on the internet I have not seen one yet that represents fire. In the spirit of the season upon us I would like to issue a challenge for all to create some tangles to represent fire or to create patterns from fire. If you would like to share your creations please send them to me and I will be happy to post them here.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snmuloc, Petunia and Mmmm Dinger

At Hotel Providence in Rhode Island for the CZT Seminar there was a book on different buildings of the world in the hotel's entry area. Upon perusing the pictures in the book I stumbled across a picture if the "Ez-Zitouna" (AKA Olive Tree Mosque) in Tunis, Africa. The minute I saw it it I knew I could make that into a tangle pattern! It does require a bit of focus so it's certainly not a beginner tangle, but it does create some interesting effects. Of course, like all tangles, there are many ways to change this pattern up.

Also while at the seminar Norma Burnell, CZT7, demonstrated her pattern "Dragon Air", which I believe was inspired by the tangle "Cadent". I started playing with different shapes of Dragon Air in my journal and came up with Petunia...

And, finally, last year I also created Snmuloc (pronounced Smahl-OCK) which was inspired by ancient Greece and their notorious columns.
I hope you enjoy these patterns. Please feel free to use these tangles and I also give permission for CZT to teach them if they wish. All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Amazing Work!

I was reading Sandy Steen Bartholomew's post on Beez in the Belfry regarding her "hero" Jennifer Carsten, and Jennifer has graciously allowed people to repost her tangles that she created for the Zentangle® community. Please check out her website by clicking on Jennifer's name. Her creations are amazing!!!

New to This

I am a little lost at trying to create a blog, but as we say in Zentangle® "Anything is possible one stroke at a time." I CAN DO IT!!!! I am so thankful for this weekend so I can finally sit down and try to organize everything in my head from the Zentangle Training we had (CZT7) with Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. It was an amazing time in Providence, RI and I was able to meet a lot of wonderful and gifted people.