Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snmuloc, Petunia and Mmmm Dinger

At Hotel Providence in Rhode Island for the CZT Seminar there was a book on different buildings of the world in the hotel's entry area. Upon perusing the pictures in the book I stumbled across a picture if the "Ez-Zitouna" (AKA Olive Tree Mosque) in Tunis, Africa. The minute I saw it it I knew I could make that into a tangle pattern! It does require a bit of focus so it's certainly not a beginner tangle, but it does create some interesting effects. Of course, like all tangles, there are many ways to change this pattern up.

Also while at the seminar Norma Burnell, CZT7, demonstrated her pattern "Dragon Air", which I believe was inspired by the tangle "Cadent". I started playing with different shapes of Dragon Air in my journal and came up with Petunia...

And, finally, last year I also created Snmuloc (pronounced Smahl-OCK) which was inspired by ancient Greece and their notorious columns.
I hope you enjoy these patterns. Please feel free to use these tangles and I also give permission for CZT to teach them if they wish. All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Amazing Work!

I was reading Sandy Steen Bartholomew's post on Beez in the Belfry regarding her "hero" Jennifer Carsten, and Jennifer has graciously allowed people to repost her tangles that she created for the Zentangle® community. Please check out her website by clicking on Jennifer's name. Her creations are amazing!!!

New to This

I am a little lost at trying to create a blog, but as we say in Zentangle® "Anything is possible one stroke at a time." I CAN DO IT!!!! I am so thankful for this weekend so I can finally sit down and try to organize everything in my head from the Zentangle Training we had (CZT7) with Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. It was an amazing time in Providence, RI and I was able to meet a lot of wonderful and gifted people.