Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Class - Learn to Tangle

Last night I held my first class, Learn to Tangle at a friend's house. Six eager students from work (3 DVP workers, 2 clinicians, and a manager) arrived to learn about Zentangle®. None of them had ever heard of "Zentangle" before. I asked what made them want to try this class and learn about this method and the reply was "Relaxation!" I asked if any of them had drawing experience and it was a unanimous "No." I managed to get through the nerves and eventually stopped trembling...

Listening to all of them laugh at what they were producing, and watching some of the facial expressions, made me wonder if I wasn't teaching this very well. We got through the first tile and I had everyone put the tiles on a table and grouped them together. They were amazed to see how each one was different, yet they were all similar. Here are their tiles:
Each one of them did a FANTASTIC job! The one big lesson I learned from teaching them last night (and it was funny that all of them did this) is it will be a good idea to let students know to make the initial grid patterns, etc. a little larger in order to complete the full tangle. I know from my own personal experience if I amworking with a small piece I tend to draw accordingly, which is small as well.

I also got some ideas for games to play at future classes. Example - for two years I have been in the habit of saying "patterns" vs. "tangles".  I told the class last night to correct me whenever I said "patterns". Somebody could have walked away rich last night if we would have been playing for money!!!

All in all, it went well for being a first class, I am very proud of the Zentangles the girls produced, and I have had a few requests today for another class :)

Rick and Maria - Thank you for affording me the opportunity to learn such an amazing method and to be able to teach it to others!

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