Sunday, November 6, 2011

Freak October Storm (& a challenge)

Anyone who lives in the Northeast United States knows about the freak October Nor'easter we got hit with. Many lost power and many are still without power. Thankfully, my husband and I only went five days before we got it back, and yes, we toughed it out at home.

It was really nice to be in the "Zen" of Fall/Winter: listening to the crackling of the fire in the woodstove, choosing the next perfect log to toss in; feeling the warmth of the fire hit your skin; listening to the wind blow; listening to the 300+ Canadian Geese fly over your house every morning and again at 6:00 pm; and best of all creating zentangles!

Out of all the tangles I have seen on the internet I have not seen one yet that represents fire. In the spirit of the season upon us I would like to issue a challenge for all to create some tangles to represent fire or to create patterns from fire. If you would like to share your creations please send them to me and I will be happy to post them here.


  1. Interesting challenge. I recall a poke fire, but will see what I come up with for you.

  2. Thanks for writing such clear imagery for us to enjoy! I, too, think this is an interesting challenge and hope I can rise up to it!
    Amy in TN (but born in CT!)