Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mooka's Paradox over the Crescent Moon

I really had no idea what to name this tile... It evolved while I was looking over my notes from the CZT7 where I had randomly been drawing patterns that Rick and Maria were presenting. Seeing how these two tangles are a bit of a challenge for me I repeated them over and over on a single tile. Looking at my "notes" I noticed these two patterns really complimented each other in a strange way, so why not create a tile using them both? Looking at the tile with only Rick's Paradox and Mooka on it seemed a little bland. What simple tangle could be used as the background that would also lend itself to these to tangles? Crescent moon...

As a little challenge I would love to see what others come up with using these three tangles: Mooka, Rick's Paradox, and Crescent Moon.

P.S. please note that I have been reading the comments and have tried to respond to them, but for some reason my computer tells me I don't have access to comment back! Please know I do appreciate your comments.


  1. This is such a rich tile...such a harmonious combination to me. Everything seems just right! I don't remember ever seeing Crescent Moon with a highlight like gives it a lively playfulness! I like your challenge, and hope to take you up on that...but I have a few Diva challenges I need closure on before I formally accept another challenge!

  2. I like the Crescent Moon background.