Saturday, May 12, 2012

Random Acts of Art

Good afternoon everyone! What a lovely day today. So many things to be grateful for. This morning I created several invitations for a "Cupcake Tangle" a friend of mine will be hosting. She is throwing it as a late Birthday party to herself (lol) and hopefully we will have a great turn out. Now the fun begins to sit down and start cutting out cupcake shapes from watercolor paper to be able to tangle on.

Most people have heard of "Random Acts of Kindness" (RAOK). Yesterday on FaceBook a wonderful art friend posted about a group she joined called "Random Acts of Art" on FB. I just had to check it out and I am so happy I did. I encourage anybody who creates anything to join this group and spread the smiles (and also see what's around your house that can be recycled). It can be as simple as painting a heart on a rock or sewing a tiny fairy quilt. Let your mind expand and see what you can create.

The purpose of this group is to create little forms of art and leave them in random places for strangers to find (I like to see it as being someone's guardian angel for a moment). It has been cleverly mentioned to attach a little note stating that this is a gift for someone to find who may need a smile and they can choose to keep it or pass it on in the same manner. You can also attach little quotes to them.

Of course my mind went immediately on overload and I started thinking of all the things I can do (especially with crafts items that I have been hoarding for about 15 years that my dear husband I'm sure would be relieved to get rid of).

I hope you choose to at least view the group and find out what it's about and start spreading the art. You may be giving someone a smile who really needs it at the present moment, you could be their guardian angel!


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