Monday, June 25, 2012

Been Busy...

Since discovering rubber art stamps mixed with Zentangle I have been on a roll with so many ideas! As soon as I can I will get pictures posted. I have been having such a wonderful time creating beautiful images.

This weekend I picked up my very first copy of Rubber Stamp Madness (RSM) - I needed to find where the really good stamps are! When I finally got to page 68 of the magazine it tells you what the Fall 2012 issue will include. Imagine my surprise when I read, "How to combine Zentangles with Stamp Art". I have no idea which of my fellow CZT's are contributing to that article, but I am ecstatic to say the least.

I'm not sure what I have actually posted, so here is the last picture I scanned in.

The stamps used: from Inkadinkado - the fairy, mushroom, and Believe. Unknown stamp - pumpkin. The rest is based on Zentangles. Enjoy!

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