Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Am The Diva's Challenge #94

This pattern SOCC (by Erin Olson, CZT) is a wonderful demonstration on how there are no mistakes in Zentangle® (Every time I say this I think of Tom Hank's character from A League of Their Own, when he says, "There's no crying in baseball!"). Through her unique version of her own tangling she developed SOCC which was "intended" to be Puff by Carol Ohl, CZT. If you click on the SOCC it will bring you to Erin's blog page where she explains the funny situation.

When we say there are no mistakes in Zentangle we mean you cannot erase what you have done. Like in life you cannot travel back in time and redo the situation where the mistake occurred. Instead you accept it as part of the road you are travelling, you keep going with it, and it will work out. You are now looking at challenges and obstacles from a different perspective and you realize you can work with it and get through it. Some of the greatest inventions have happened by mistake. Embrace "mistakes" as who you are, or were, at that particular time and remember you can change the outcome.

Diva Challenge #94 SOCC Tiles:

not shaded yet.


  1. Both beautiful, but the second one is my favorite. Nice of you the remember all of us to the 'there are no mistakes'!!!

  2. Both are great, love how Socc emerges from Bunzo, very fun.

  3. In the second I like how you have scrolls and then the Socc surrounding them! The first one is stunning!