Saturday, March 9, 2013

CZT Love Heals Completed

Hi Everyone,

I am proud and delighted to say that I finally sat my butt down and finished the CZT Love Heals pages. I had to create a second page because I was having difficulties with the original page. I am still thinking of ideas as to what to do with all of these beautiful CZT Love Heals tangles. I keep trying different books on-line, but have not been happy with any of them yet. One thought I cam up with today is to contact one of the news channels and see if they would be interested in helping to at least get the blog pages out to the families so they can enjoy them and see the love that came from all over the world.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Busy month

I didn't realize it's been almost a month since I have posted anything! I have been following Jennifer Lee's Right Brain Business Plan and have been in creativity central from it. I will share the beginnings of my new Logo for Bee Zen (below). I have been working in the computer to sharpen it up, which is turning out to be tedious. Once done I can then add the wording. I have been having so much fun with this business plan version and have my goal: in 11 years (when I am 50) I will be working for myself with a thriving business. I don't want to say much more on it as I am still cradling this new project and now need to start walking the path to help it grow and thrive.

"Bee Zen: Learning to find peace within yourself through nature and creativity."