Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Earth Day Post Card Swap

Last month I signed up for an Earth Day Post Card Swap hosted by Carolyn Siccama. With buying a new house and having a major head and chest cold this last week I have lost track of time. I am having a hard time knowing what today is!!! Since I was trying to sleep with a heating pad on my chest to help break up the phlegm in my chest and my bulldog decided he wanted to be a brat, I got up and decided to finish my last post card; sure as heck that little dickens immediately laid down on my heating pad and wouldn't budge! That's a bulldog for ya. Good news is I am only one day late for mailing them out.

Of course there always has to be a black sheep in the family and I am sure you will immediately see which one it is. It was actually the second one I did. The first one I did I really didn't like it and didn't feel fair if it would have gone out. I liked how the 3rd and 4th ones came out and decided to duplicate that one - they reminded me of an Earth Day Painter's Pallet.

Both of the above use Emingle, Aura Leah, Raddox, Tripoli, and Hi-C's (EARTH)

Again, the top one uses Emingle and Enyshou, Aura Leah, Raddox and River Stones, Tripoli, Hi-C's and Hibred. The bottom  uses Embellish, Erbluehen, Angel Fish, Revel, Tipple, Tra-La-La, and Hibred. 

Hope you enjoy them!

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  1. Oh.My.Gosh! Love this!
    Great blog here so excited to follow along!
    Your newest fan,