Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Tangle - Beloved

Hi everyone! My October vacation didn't go as planned. Sadly I had to have my bulldog, Bart, put down. He was not doing very well. He kept collapsing and having difficulty breathing, wasn't eating and lost 10 pounds. He had actually collapsed and stopped breathing the night before and when we went to lift him up it started his breathing again. The next morning we made the hardest decision we had to make. Everyday I miss him and I am thankful for the 10 years we got to have with him. His mischievous ways always delighted us and kept us on our toes; he certainly lived up to his name sake of Bart Simpson.

During the last week we got to spend with him he laid with me while I created a new tangle. A week later the tangle was named "Beloved" in memory of Bart.

In these directions you can see a light penciled grid line. You can also create this tangle without the grid to get more freedom. Hope you enjoy it!
Bart with his teddy bear 2013

Miss you, Bart! <3