CZT Love Heals Event Page 2

Marty Deckel, CZT10, Massachussetts, 26 Trentwith (Mackintosh Roses), "Made with love, prayers & thoughts..."

Sue Clark, CZT4, Colorado

Kimberly Dragone, CZT, Connecticut

Susan Nutting, CZT

Diane Tresca, CZT10, Rhode Island
Diane Tresca, CZT10, Rhode Island

Mary Ann Scheblein-Dawson, CZT, New York, "There are no words... only my heartfelt prayers for healing to your hearts and your community."

Emily Classon, CZT9, Massachusetts, In Our Hearts

Denise Henkle Owen, Oregon

Denise Knobloch, CZT, California, Metamophose

Denise Knobloch, CZT, California, Love in the Breeze

Marizaan van Beek, CZT, South Africa, "My condolences to the families..."

Karen Polinghoine, Western Australia

Karen Polinghoine, Western Australia

Judy Burkett, CZT8, Tennessee, Hope for Tomorrow

Judy Burkett, CZT8, Tennessee, With Thoughts & Prayers
Carol Bailey Floyd, CZT, Ohio, "With love and prayers to Newtown, CT"

Susan Olsen, CZT10, Ohio, "To the Sandy Hook Community: Lord please comfort our brothers and sisters in their time of pain and in their lonely nights of despair. Send your Holy Spirit when the time is right."

Susan Olsen, CZT10, Ohio, "Please know that the whole world is holding you close in prayer as you journey through these dark days. May you find peace and comfort in the fact that we are sending prayers of healing and lots of love!"

Jane MacKugler, CZT6, Vermont, "Healing thoughts and prayers to Sandy Hook Elementary School."


  1. Seeing all these loving thoughts made me cry all over again! Peace and love to all.

  2. Denyse, Thank you for this compilation of Art. It's beautiful and was surely a labor of love from you. Please let us know how it is received by the Sandy Hook Community, as we keep them all -- still --- in our prayers.
    Sue Olsen CZT10

  3. Such a wonderful labor of love from all over the world. I hope someday soon, those at Sandy Hook will get to see our Love Heals tangles made for them. Thank you Denyse for creating Love Heals. It is so touching to see everyone's work. Very touching. You have honored us all with these pages. Nicely done! Thank you. Denise Knobloch CZT 8

  4. These are all so beautiful, what wonderful sentiments, love, and hopefully healing these may bring to their community and families. A fitting tribute to those lost children.